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Updated: 25th June 2003

The Legendary ARCHTOP Magazine Returns

Breaking News - June 25th 2002. ARCHTOP Magazine: The legend returns ! First Issue out September 2003. First 100 subscribers get a FREE CD from the String Jazz catalogue Click here for more information

Please allow the page to fully load to hear the soundclip. Intros will rotate monthly with track from various SJR CD | Intro Track: June 2003/Jeff Barone - 'Resa's Blues' (From the String Jazz CD 'Crazy Talk' (SJRCD1032) | (Please click your 'refresh' button to ensure you are viewing the latest edition of this page - click 'view' at the top of this page and then 'refresh')




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String Jazz are honoured to release, in Association with Sonic Thrust Records, the latest recording from one of the world's finest guitarists, the internationally renowned  JAY GRAYDON.


Welcome to the String Jazz site. You'll notice a change to this homepage which we hopes make the site more navigable and easier and quicker to load. Click on the buttons below to take you to the page or pages you want to access. The String Jazz Collective of world class jazz guitarists features, under the String Jazz Recordings and String Jazz Productions (DVD) labels, some of the finest players on the scene today. The label/collective is now home to some 39 CDs and 3 'In Concert' DVDs and is growing literally weekly, thanks to the huge success of our recently inaugurated 'Associates Program'. This program has seemingly opened the door to allow some truly excellent and high quality players to join the label. Come back regularly and click the New Additions button to see the new signings.

BREAKING NEWS: String Jazz IS PLEASED TO announce  the setting up of  JAZZ GEMS RECORDS, a Division of String Jazz Recordings in response to the ever increasing submissions from non jazz guitar artists. Currently, we will be accepting submissions from any professional jazz artist for our Associates Program whose success has now made us the No.1 jazz guitar label worldwide.

JAZZ & BLUES 50 AMP - New stocks of the new even better Jazz and Blues 50 amp are NOW HERE. Check details here.

SILLY SEASON: We have two amps ready and available for sale . During June 2003, we are offering a Ј100.00 saving on the amp - Now Ј795.00 plus carriage but that's not all. We are also throwing in a Custom Kangaroo Cover embroidered 'Jazz & Blues 50'. These Rolls Royce of covers retail for Ј125.00 here in the UK. That's a total saving of Ј225.00.

Chris Burden

ASSOCIATES PROGRAM NEW ARTISTS  Check out some of the great new Associates Program releases for April/May 2003

WREXHAM 2003 Check out the fabulous line-up at this years Wrexham International Jazz Guitar Festival here

Jeff Barone's great new CD, 'Crazy Talk' SJRCD1032 (co-produced by Jack Wilkins) is now out on the String Jazz label. This is another fabulous recording for us from this highly talented NY guitarist

Superb Swedish jazz guitarist, Staffan William-Olsson is now on the String Jazz label in Association with Real Records, Norway.

The excellent and highly individual Branco Stoysin joins the String Jazz label (New Release 'Heart Is The Bridge' now out on String Jazz)

Excellent U.S. bebop guitarist, Rick Hannah joins the label.

Top Israeli jazz guitarist, Arik Shahar joins the label



'Let's Have Rebop Without Beards!'   by Dave Goldberg/Rare article from 1947 by this icon of British Jazz Guitar with intro by Adrian Ingram

Jazz Guitar World

The Billy Bean Interview

The legendary jazz guitarist, Billy Bean, has granted an exclusive and as far as we know, unique interview with String Jazz owner and writer, Chris Burden. Billy answers questions on his early childhood and influences, his time with John Pisano when recording 'Take Your Pick' and 'Makin' It', his later recordings, his guitars and amps and so much more. This will surely become one of the jazz guitar interviews of recent times and I am honoured that Billy has allowed me to talk to him and put down his memories in print. Chris Burden

Full details of how to subscribe to Jazz Guitar World here

Bob Bednar/One Night With Billy (Reminiscences of Billy Bean

Trefor Owen Celebrates the 80th Year of Mundell Lowe and Johnny Smith

Billy Bean on Bud Shank's 'Slippery When Wet' by Chris Burden

'Rare As Hen's Teeth!' - Rene Thomas and His Orchestra from 1953 by Chris Burden

String Jazz Artist Rosta

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Associates Program

Our Associates Program has, so far, been a huge success and we are happy to listen to submissions from jazz guitarists who feel that they would benefit from the co-operative feel of the program and who may wish to join the world's leading jazz guitar label.

Now to include, from April 2003, Jazz Gems Records for non jazz guitar artists

The Program is expanding to include non jazz guitar artists who will affiliate to the Jazz Gems Records subsiduary with all of the same benefits of distribution and promotion afforded to the String Jazz label.

String Jazz Artist Rosta

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